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Large Appliances

Rowing machines are fitness machines everyone knows. They promote the endurance of your whole-body members. They are suitable for home use as well as for large training facilities.

With its ability to imitate the rowing motion and monitor performance, there is no limit to healthy and performance-oriented training on a modern basis. The modern version, Waterrover, is enjoying increasing popularity.

The Keiser brand is also represented here. With theKeiser Infinity, functional training is possible in absolutely any conceivable direction of movement, distributed over all movement levels. For the highest demands in functional training or for professional personal trainers, this fitness machine is a real must.

In athlete care, the Keiser Belt Squat is a way to train your legs and torso strength in a very natural, functional and performance-oriented way.

Both the muscles used in the knee bend and the muscles used in the crucifixion are trained with the Belt Squat - a novelty on the training market.

Also for athletes are the many sledges we have on offer. It couldn't be more functional and athletic. Sprint training with extra weight is still a core issue in athlete support. With a suitable sled, it's child's play.

Athletes, but also non-professionals, have a lot of fun with the Tireflip 180. Instead of a whole, unwieldy tire that's also hard to transport, this training equipment offers the opportunity to practice tire throwing as a stationary exercise. A full-body exercise that promotes both muscle and cardiovascular systems.

The cardiovascular system is also heavily stressed by the following large fitness machines:

- Versaclimber: Training equipment to simulate climbing stairs.

- Air Bike: A whole new way to create endurance training on a bike.

- Skillmill: Instead of an electric drive, this treadmill has to be driven by itself.

- H/P/Cosmos Quasar Treadmill: Perfect for reaching the maximum speed in any athlete through the overspeed method.

Of course, classic fitness equipment such as the barbell bench, the dumbbell bench or the disc stand are also available from us.

And you can also find other large fitness machines with us. Whether classic traditional nature like the Glute Ham bench, a Halfrack platform or stable bars (wall bars with pull-up bar) or modern and innovative like TRX Frames, the Pegboard or the Purmotion Functional Training Station.

We supply the training equipment and large fitness machines that meet your training needs and those of your members/athletes.

When are large fitness machines interesting for you?

Exercise riders benefit greatly from rowing machines and a barbell bench or dumbbell bench. Other fitness equipment from this section is usually too big for home use.

For studio owners, personal trainers, physiotherapists, and rehabilitation centers, these fitness machines are a way to take your fitness to the next level.

Functional training is in demand in fitness studios like never before. Personal trainers are often preferred because they can better offer functional training.

Physiopraxes can open up a new revenue stream and combine their therapy with strength training to ensure long-term and sustainable training success.

In rehabilitation centers, the importance of functional strength training is increasingly recognized. Here, too, there's a chance to break new ground.

We at Perform Better Europe offer you exactly the individual solution you are looking for.