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Floor Designs

The hard rubber floor is widespread. You'll find a rubber floor like this in a lot of studios that train hard. The gym floor is very durable and is supplied in rolls and laid as sheets.

The artificial grass is often used in athletic training. You can choose between green and blue. The texture imitates the properties of natural grass.

Paigymboden is often laid in small gyms. It's softer than a normal floor plate, so you don't need any extra mats during training. Besides, it doesn't have to be glued.

The Traffic floor comes as a base plate and is suitable due to its beautiful design as a walking surface or as a gym floor for the bar or entrance area.

In addition, you always have the possibility to request an individual solution from us. We can make your vision come true. For example, if you're planning a training center, you'll need different floors. We'll help you with the planning and implementation.

Which floor solution is suitable for which types of training?

The hard rubber floor is particularly suitable for the free weight area in classic fitness studios. Due to its good, solid workmanship and long service life, it can withstand the heavy weights. A hard rubber floor plate doesn't break so easily.

It absorbs forces very well and is therefore also well suited for crossfit boxes or athletics halls. If you're training with the barbell or powerlifting, this is the shape of the base plate for you.

The artificial grass is perfect for all types of athletic training. Many sports take place outside, such as football or hockey. The nature allows you to train indoors as well as outdoors. That's how the transfer and training success is greatest with athletes.

The specialty of artificial grass is undoubtedly sprint training. With tools like the Gun Ex Kit, you can train the speed of your athletes on grass very efficiently.

The Pavigymboden is ideal for studios where functional training is the order of the day. The Pavigym plays out its strengths both in small group training and in personal training.

It's so soft you don't need mats. Besides, it's very non-slip. A functional barefoot workout (increasing proprioception) on this rubber floor is very advisable and easy to implement.

If your studio has Movement, Yoga, Calisthenics and Co., you should choose this rubber floor.

But also in rehabilitation or training with seniors, such a floor is the right thing. It absorbs the forces very well and thus reduces the load on the joints. Patients can thus be gradually brought into normal everyday life and seniors can train their balance and proprioception. That's very important for fall prevention.

With a gym floor like this, you're well positioned in times of demographic change.

An individual solution always makes sense when you have your own vision of a training center. Do you want to combine different forms of training? Are you planning to open a functional and rehabilitative training center for athletes?

Whenever you have multiple offers to your members/customers, you need a special floor to ensure maximum quality.

We can support you and make your vision come true.