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Which box is suitable for which training?

Which box is suitable for which training?

In order to decide which boxes are the right ones for the gym equipment, it must be clarified in advance which training can be done with which box. The Plyo Box is particularly suitable for plyometric training. This is a dynamic jump training involving up and down, sideways, forward and backward movements. The aim is to strengthen the coordination and strength (explosive & jumping power) of the trainees, so that through simple exercises, great effect can be achieved. With these boxes anyone, no matter what fitness level, can train effectively and you have the ideal tool for reactive jumps, obstacle jumps or even to secure the execution of squats.

For those who want to focus more on fitness and endurance training, the Reebok Step Deck is the ideal piece of equipment. With its step deck height adjustability, the Reebok Step Deck is ideal not only as a stepper for effective aerobic stepping cardio workouts, but also as a training bench with variable and tiltable backrests. Consequently, the variation of the flat, sloping or inclined weight bench can also increase strength training. Thanks to its natural inertia, low center of gravity and non-slip rubber surface, it provides stability and safety during every workout. Further advantages of the Reebok Step Deck are the additional storage space for stowing dumbbells or resistance ropes as well as the compact size, which enables easy transport and optimum storage.
Those who focus on the classic Reebok Step Workouts will find the Reebok Professional Step to be a more cost-effective and optimal equipment solution. With its three adjustable heights, fast click-in blocks and non-slip golf ball surface, it's a must-have for any aerobic workout. The Reebok Professional Step is an all-round talent and a good choice for any level of fitness.

What exactly is plyometric training?

As mentioned earlier, plyometric training is a dynamic jump training involving up and down, sideways, forward and backward movements - boxing serves as an ideal training tool. By activating the fast-twitch muscle fibers (FT fibers), the body builds up strength quickly and efficiently with plyometric exercises, because a concentric (shortening) muscle contraction is much stronger when it immediately follows an eccentric (lengthening) muscle contraction of the same muscle. In plyometric training, there are three types of jumps - jumps, hops and bounds - and four categories of exercises: Rapid, Short, Long and Very Long Response Drills.