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What types of benches and poles are there in the gym equipment area?

What kind of benches and bars are there in the gym equipment area?

The pull-up bar, for example, is not only perfectly suited to increasing fitness and strength endurance, but can also be used variably by beginners, ambitious hobby athletes and professionals. In addition to the classic pull-ups for the back, arms and lat, the pull-up bar is also suitable for training other parts of the body such as the shoulders or stomach. Exercises like leg raises, for example, explicitly address the arms and legs. Depending on the grip posture, the pull-up bar can also be used to train other muscle groups so that weak points can be specifically addressed and trained. For example, a distinction can be made between two handle types:

- Tight grip: The correct underhand grip is used to address the biceps, the lat and the chest muscles. During the entire execution, the hands remain at a small distance from each other on the pull-up bar.

- Wide grip or parallel grip: In addition to the latex, this grip places particular strain on the back muscles if you take care to bend your head backwards during execution.

Classically, pull-up bars work fine without any additional equipment. More advanced users can use weight belts to intensify their training and thus extend the training effect even further. In addition, a pull-up bar requires very little space and can therefore easily be installed in private training rooms and should be an absolute must for fitness studios.

How can benches and poles be integrated into the training?

No matter which muscle group is to be trained, a weight bench provides a stable basis for a varied workout. Similar to the pull-up bar, benches are suitable for a variety of exercises. The classic is considered one of the most popular devices for controlling biceps, triceps, shoulder girdle, chest and back muscles. It therefore makes sense to order a weight bench for your private fitness room if required - in the fitness studios they should be part of the basic equipment. A barbell bench is primarily intended for flat or incline bench presses and shoulder presses, but can easily be used for other exercises such as dips. In addition, the incline can be adjusted at will and allows a flexible training design for every fitness level of the user.
The situation is similar with the dumbbell bench. Training with free dumbbells not only strengthens individual muscle groups but also promotes their coordination and interaction. This is because the body has to compensate for the movements itself and is not additionally supported by the device.
Squat boards are excellent tools for executing Quad Squats or Cyclist Squats in order to extend the training equipment sensibly. The optimal angle and the resulting execution strengthens the quadriceps, optimizing the user's squat performance. With the right squat stand, the squat will be even more comfortable and effective. It also relieves the strain on the back, hocks and stability during the exercise.