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How to train with the Slingtrainer?

The following Slingtrainer exercises are extremely popular and efficient:

  • Push-ups : The push-ups can be done in two ways. Either you have your hands or your feet in the sling trainer. In both exercises the Slingtrainer exercises shoulders and arms and especially the abdominal muscles are strongly activated by a high stabilization.
  • Reverse Butterfly : In this Slingtrainer exercise you hold on to the Slingtrainer with your hands and lean back so that your arms are stretched. Now move your arms back straight to the side. In this exercise, the sling trainer does a lot of back and back strain on the shoulders. The difficulty can be varied depending on the angle you're standing at.
  • Lunge: Lunge puts one foot in the loop and the exerciser stabilizes on the other leg. Now the front leg, which is not in the loop, is bent and the rear leg, which is in the loop, is led back. All in all, the movement resembles the lungs. It's an ideal exercise to train your legs.

Who benefits from a Slingtrainer

TRX, a brand that Slingtrainer distributes, originated in the military. In principle, anyone can benefit from sling trainer exercises, whether you're a beginner or even a Navy Seal. The variations of exercises start at very easy and increase to very hard.

What kind of sling trainer is there?

There are many types of sling trainers, but they're based on the same scheme. The best known is probably the TRX brand, which has rightly made a name for itself with high-quality products. In addition to these, there are many others on the market, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages.

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