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Slide Pads & Boards
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How are Slide Pads & Slide Boards used?

Crawling, sliding and sliding - that sounds more like a fun program for kids. But it's not! Slide boards are now integrated into many fitness programs and represent a true full body workout for the adult world. The athletes put small, slippery sliding pads under their feet or hands and start their exercises. It helps build strong core muscles, increases endurance and coordination, and demands mental stamina. The alternative to slide pads is slide boards. These are "slides" made of plastic for the floor, which are then used for training with sliding overshoes made of fabric. The movement sequences are particularly easy on the joints and improve the high-speed force during sideways movements. For this reason, slide boards are mainly used in sports with sudden changes of direction (e.g. basketball, volleyball and ice hockey) - because those who don't react quickly here have a bad hand. With the help of a specially developed Slide Board polish, the surface becomes even slipperier and the training effect even more intense.

What types of Slide Pads & Slide Boards are there?

Before you finally get started with "slipping training", you should of course first find the right training device for you. That's why we've put together the various products for you as part of the Slide Board & Pad Training:

The Valslides, developed by Valerie Water, are innovative, dynamic and mobile. The Valslide® training concept helps you train your entire body in the smallest of spaces. By using the foot-sized mats with a slippery undersurface you can train all muscle groups and especially the abdomen, legs and buttocks in a versatile and effective way. The special gliding concept means that several muscle chains are always used at the same time - which enormously improves the efficiency of the exercises, balance and torso stability.

The Catslide set consists of four slip mats made of nylon. They are ideal for training on smooth and hard surfaces such as parquet flooring at home. Should the catlsides ever get dirty, you can easily wash them in the washing machine.

The G1 Roll Up Slide Board is rollable and can be adjusted in length in 30cm increments. The rubber coating on the underside provides slip resistance during training. A couple of slipovers for the shoes are included.

Core Training with the Slide Pad & Slide Board

The targeted training of the trunk muscles (core) is the basis for a well-functioning power transmission to the upper and lower extremities. Training with the slide pads requires intensive work by the torso stabilizers through friction. The Core Training is therefore indispensable for the training of inter- and intramuscular coordination and for posture and movement control. Here are a few exercises to try out:

  • Leg support in hand support position
  • Lateral lunges

- Simple support position with arm push forward/ or to the side

  • reverse lung