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Super Speed Rope
Item #: 3422-01-PP
Super Speed Rope

Super Speed Rope

  • Available in two lengths
  • Integrated ball bearing for a fluid motion sequence
  • Ergonomically shaped plastic handles
  • Ideal for use in warm-up or interval units (Tabata)
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Ideal for fast cardio workouts

You want to do something for your condition, but you haven't found the right sport yet? The Lifeline Super Speed Rope is right on trend. The training with the "Rope" is extremely efficient, because it demands many body muscles. All you need is a good rope and cushioned sports shoes. Whether you train indoors or outdoors - decide according to the weather and mood. You also determine the load yourself.

The SuperSpeed Rope is exactly the right skipping rope for you.

The handles of the rope are hollow inside. Pay attention to the correct length of the skipping rope. Ideally, the ends of the rope should reach under your armpits when you stand with your feet on the middle of the rope. "Skipping is actually possible everywhere. The surface on which you train should be flat, non-slip, not too hard and give way a little. Gymnastic mats, flat forest paths, grass or green areas are ideal.

product details

  • Material: coated stainless steel (rope), ball bearing (metal), plastic (handles)
  • Length: 2.74 m (Small), 2.93 m (Medium)

Available versions

  • Super Speed Rope - Small
  • Super Speed Rope - Medium
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