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Fitness sets for various applications

  • Fitness Sets for Bodyweight Training

For the bodyweight training our Miniband Set of 4 Standard and our Miniband Set of 4 XL excellent. With them you can do a stretching, strength endurance and athletic workout anytime, anywhere.

  • Fitness Set for Strength Training

As a fitness set for the strength training we recommend our Chrome dumbbell set of 10 (1-10kg) or our Vinyl Kettlebell Set (4-24kg). This allows you to get the most out of your workout, boost your metabolism and shape your muscles.

  • Fitness set for athletic training

Our Athletics Training Set included hurdles a SAQ Ladder and Saucer Cones . Nothing stands in the way of your professional agility training.

  • Fitness set for fascia training

For the fascia training we have numerous set combinations of fascia rolls, fascia balls and massage sticks. The Blueroll Set consists of a small fascia ball and a fascia roll with a high degree of hardness. This allows your glued fasciae to be treated optimally, blood circulation is stimulated and regeneration is accelerated. The Piriformis Set , consisting of a PA triggers and one PB Yoga mat is ideal for mobilizing exercises and movements for sciatic pain and piriformis syndrome.

The rediscovered flossing therapy also belongs to the category of fascia training. In order for you to immerse yourself optimally in this matter, we have created the Flossing Set is compiled. This consists of different raftsnakes and a book for beginners in which the different methods and effects are explained in detail.

  • Neuro Athletic Training Starter Set

The Neuro Athletic Starter Set contains the most important tools for your eye, balance and neuro mobility training. The package contains the complete equipment for the book " Training begins in the brain "”

For whom are fitness sets suitable?

Fitness sets are of course suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users. If you haven't started fitness training yet, you don't have to register at the expensive gym right away. Just order one of our fitness sets and try out different exercises in your own four walls. If you like it, you can of course take the equipment with you to the gym and test out further exercise variations there. Our fitness sets are also ideal for advanced users. Some of the time you are on the road safely and don't have a gym around the corner or you just want to train outside in the summer. Most of our finess sets are very compact, so you can just pack them up and take them with you.