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What to look out for?

Training with the battle ropes is an enormous demand on strength endurance. After 30 seconds, a Rope can make the fittest athlete sweat. When purchasing, make sure that the fitness rope is treated with plastic so that it does not suffer too much damage outdoors and in damp conditions.

Advantages of training with the Fitness Rope

Training with the Battle Ropes is extremely useful from a physiological point of view, as the training trains the muscles symmetrically. That means no imbalances are created in the body. For people with asymmetry in their musculature, training with the Battle Ropes can restore symmetry.

Although the training with the Rope is mainly known by Crossfit, which is often criticized for not being very easy on the joints, the handling with the Fitness rope does not fall under this criticism. The movements to beat the fitness ropes are absolutely not a danger to the joints and are therefore absolutely harmless for people with joint complaints or overweight.

If the workout is viewed from a muscular perspective, it can be incorporated into the strength endurance range. The Battle Ropes help address entire muscle groups and chains. To describe the training execution with the Rope simply and cleanly: The motion to hit waves should not come from the shoulder, but from the elbow. During the exercise, something goes to your knees and you keep a straight back. The fitness rope can then be beaten either in waves or in circles. If it's too heavy, you can make the exercise easier with a little pull. Too easy? Then less train.

Furthermore, as already mentioned, the Rope can be transported and attached very easily. For this purpose beams of any kind are sufficient. So using ropes for training is efficient, it's very cheap for the possibilities and it's a lot of fun!

Buying the right rope for beginners and advanced skiers

Rope parameters that make training more difficult are the length of the battle rope and its thickness. If you're an absolute beginner, you should buy a rope that's only 9 meters long and 38 millimeters thick. The longer the rope is, the harder it is to get it to swing and also to maintain that swinging. Someone who starts training around the fitness rope should start with a shorter rope.

If you already have a high level of fitness, you might consider buying a Rope that is either longer or thicker. This can go up to 15m in length and 50mm in thickness. Training with those battle ropes is really damn exhausting, but it's worth it.

In our shop you will find a huge selection of Fitness Ropes for your needs. Besides standard battle ropes, we also have stretchable GUNex and other alternative ropes.