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The Cat blue
Item #: 3194P
The Cat blue  Perform Better USA

The Cat blue

Delivery time
1-3 workdays
Weight 1.3 kg

The Cat

Very popular training device that can be used for resistance and partner exercises. 
Train lateral exercises, lunges, and walking, running, as well as jumping exercises.  

  • Trainers use The Cat to improve lateral speed, agility, and start speed. 
  • A protective coat around the elastic band prevents injuries. 
  • The 10 cm long, padded neoprene belt enables the training person to rotate 180° and to change direction while he/she experiences constant resistance and support respectively. 
  • The bands are 2.4 m long and can be stretched up to 7.3 m.
  • The bands are delivered with a padded rotating belt, two detachable straps, four carabiners, and training material. 

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