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Resistance Bands

Lateral Resistance Bands

This resistance band is designed to train the abduction of the leg. The resistance ligament is placed with cuffs around the legs, either above the knee or below the ankle joint. All sideways movements become more demanding with these resistance bands. You can use it for both agility and normal strength training, but the best thing is to combine the properties of the tape.


These resistance bands are available in different versions and thus also offer different training possibilities. The Slastix Loop can be used in a similar way to a miniband to perform a wide variety of core and leg exercises. In addition, the Double Gun can take any athletic and martial arts training to a new level. These resistance bands are connected to the legs and arms so that every movement is under resistance.

Another very innovative creation from Stroops is the Body Weight Gym. This device combines a resistance band with a loop trainer. As usual with sling trainers, the training difficulty can be adjusted and in combination with the resistance bands much more coordination and variety of movement is added.

In addition to these classics, there are many other resistance bands to extend the training. Among them are ways to improve athletic training. Resistance straps like The Cat are attached to a hip belt and help in training the lateral start and jump speed.

The resistance band itself, can be stretched almost 200%, from 2.4m to 7.4m.

Another type of resistance band is The Trainer, or the Resistance Trainer, or the Resistance Trainer, or the Resistance Trainer, or the Resistance Trainer, or the Resistance Trainer, or the Resistance Trainer. Both systems are not based on the resistance of ductile materials, much more on the yielding of a partner or a mechanism.

The Trainer is a resistance band that is also attached to the hip. The 36.5m long rope is pulled through a pulley block which provides even resistance. It's ideal for high-speed sprinting exercises. It is possible to set different resistances on the pulley block.

With the Resistance Trainer, the resistance strap is attached to the upper body or hip belt and one partner holds the other end of the 3m nylon rope. The resistance here is determined by the partner himself.

So if you want to buy a Resistance Band, you should keep in mind which workout you want to use it for. Whether you want to do strength training or pure agility training will definitely influence the decision.

If you know what kind of training you want and also what kind of resistance band you need, you can find all the bands listed above in our shop.

In combination with resistance bands, battle ropes and sling trainers can also be useful for you and expand your training. They are, like resistance bands, devices that allow a very extensive training.