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GUN-eX® Cobra Single Rope - 300
Item #: GX-SR-300
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GUN-eX® Cobra Single Rope 300

GUN-eX® Cobra Single Rope 300 300

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Weight 0.75 kg
This article is currently not available.

The Cobra Rope by GUN-eX® is an extremely hard-wearing and elastic resistance rope for whole body workouts and conditioning trainings.

It extends the training options of a conventional battle rope by hundreds of additional variations, whether push/pull exercises, core rotations, leg and hip training and much more. The Rope can be used in a wide variety of sports areas and species and is suitable for a wide range of target groups and applications from fitness studios and group fitness to team sports, track-and-field athletes and professional athletes to boot camps, military, police and fire brigades.

Handcrafted from waterproof and abrasion-resistant CORDURA® and parachute belt material and sewn with parachute yarn, it meets the highest requirements and quality standards and is ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor units. An anchoring strap and a shorter safety strap at the ends of the rope allow easy attachment to various attachment points as well as the attachment of additional GUN-eX® accessories from the various Cobra kit systems.

These guarantee a professional training with optimal effectiveness and were individually designed for different training areas.

Product details:

  • Material: CORDURA
  • length: 6m, stretchable up to max. 13 m
  • Available versions
    • Single Rope 300 - pulling resistance 30 kg; ideal for fitness training (men, women, teenagers)
    • Single Rope 700 - pulling resistance 70 kg; recommended for demanding, heavy workouts (professional athletes and intensively trained persons)
    • Single Rope 700 - pulling resistance 70 kg; longer version
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