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What is trained with the GUN-eX Resistance Trainer?

What is trained with the GUN-eX Resistance Trainer?

Gun-eX products are suitable for a variety of workouts. They combine the battle rope principle with resistance training. That's why practically anything is possible:

- strength training

- athletic training

- sprint training

- jump strength training

- endurance training

- full body workout

And it doesn't matter whether it's personal training or small or large groups.

To make it as easy as possible to keep track of the wide variety, the manufacturer provides a free app that vividly illustrates important exercises. There's also a new group workout every week on Youtube. Especially for athletic trainers this is an interesting possibility to work with the high-quality Gun-eX products.

With a Gun-eX Kit any performance class can be trained. The exercises can be adapted according to the individual level of difficulty. This of course also makes it easy in long-term care, because new, heavier dumbbells are no longer needed.

What types of GUN-eX Resistance Trainers are there?

Gun-Ex offers several kits to provide the right solution for every situation.

Gun-Ex Kit "Speed"

The Gun-Ex Speed kit is all about speed. With the supplied harness, the speed of athletes can be trained using resistors.

Gun-Ex Kit "Mini Sprint"

This kit is especially designed for small rooms where space is at a premium. It is nevertheless well suited for group training.

Gun-Ex Kit "Sprint"

Here the maximum length of the Ropes is somewhat shorter. It's perfect for indoor athletic care.

Gun-Ex Kit "Rocket"

With this Gun-Ex Kit the athletics can be trained comprehensively. Focus clearly on explosive power, which is critical in almost all sports. With the hip belt can be worked well on the hip extension, which is translated into sprinting movements.

Gun-Ex Kit "Tactical"

Created for the highest demands. For very ambitious athletes a must have, which offers all possibilities and is also easy to transport.