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What are Resistance Trainers and what are they good for?

How are Resistance Trainers used in training?

Whether arms, shoulders, back, abdomen or legs, with the Resistance Trainer you can perform both targeted strengthening exercises and light stretching exercises. The resistance can be continuously increased from training session to training session through different tension strengths and the training efficiency can thus be increased accordingly.

Advantages of training with the Resistance Trainer

- Increases muscle strength and tension to protect joints

  • High calorie consumption through the use of whole muscle chains

- Increased stability and flexibility

- Improvement of acceleration speed, reaction and explosive force.

- Increasing endurance performance (strengthening the cardiovascular system)

What types of Resistance Trainers are there?

In order to be able to carry out an effective resistance training, you have numerous resistance trainers with countless combination possibilities at your disposal. You can use any number of different belts such as hip and shoulder harnesses and foot cuffs to attach them as required. We've put together a list of our products to give you an overview.

Resistor tapes from Stroops®

The Stroops Resistance Trainers are specially designed to improve the fundamental movement abilities of every athlete. The best known is the orange Resistance Band, the Slastix Clip. It's great for stretching and strengthening shoulder, chest, arm and back muscles. Thanks to the different resistance levels, you can train according to your performance level.

TRX ® Resistance Rip Trainer

The Rip Trainer is a training bar with integrated resistance tape that is attached to an anchor point. The main training principle is to work against the asymmetrical resistance of the rubber band to the body. Due to the alternation between static tension and powerful dynamic movement from the entire body, many different exercise combinations can be used to effectively build up strength, endurance, coordination and, above all, trunk stability. With the Rip Trainer, you can train dysbalances to turn weaknesses into starches. Resistance training with the Rip Trainer is particularly suitable for sports such as tennis, rowing or golf. Rotation and repetitive movements here can be simulated by resistance.

GUN-eX® resistance rope

The training system of GUN-eX consists of several individual parts. The main component is a long, elastic resistance rope which can be stretched to three times its original length. The Cobra Resistance Band is available in two strengths and can therefore be selected according to individual training level. By using various resistance belts, the GUN-eX system trains sprint and explosive power in particular. The Cobra is anchored to a fixed point and attached to the hip or shoulder strap with a karabiner. Then they train against the resistance with sprints, jumps and plyometric exercises.

Lateral Resistance Trainer

The Lateral Resistance Trainer consists of two padded foot cuffs with Velcro fasteners connected by a resistance band. The lateral resistance trainer is the ideal tool for improving lateral speed, strengthening leg muscles and increasing joint stability. It's great for effectively training sidewalks, shuffles, and monster walks.