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How does Physio Tape work and how do I use it?

Tips for treatment with Physio Tape

- Make sure your skin is clean so the physiotape adheres well. That means it should be fat-free and dry.

- To assist adhesion, the area to be treated should be cleared of hair. Physio Tape can adhere for up to 12 days and in order to use the entire time it is advisable to prepare the skin accordingly. Another advantage is that the physiotape doesn't hurt so much when you pull it off.

- To prevent the physiotape from peeling off at the edges, the ends of the tape should be rounded off. Corners have a higher potential for detachment than curves.

- After the physiotape has stuck, you can rub it with your hands more often to warm it up and make the adhesive hold better.

Our Physio Tape - the Rocktape!

Our Rocktape has been specially designed for endurance athletes and has outstanding properties. The Rocktape is stretchable up to 180%, which extends the possibilities of treatment, and is absolutely waterproof. This way not only cyclists and runners can be treated, but also swimmers. Building on this advantage, the Rocktape is also sweat-permeable and breathable. This makes it resistant to moisture from both sides.

If you want to buy tape, you can get the Rock Tape cheap in our shop. Buying physiotape is usually a complicated affair because there are big differences in the qualities. But at Rocktape, we can assure you it's definitely one of the highest quality.