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Types of parallettes

Training with parallel tests

Parallel training should be used if you want to change your training to bodyweight training. In gymnastics parallel bars are often used for handstand training as it is more convenient to transport two grips from A to B than a whole bar. In the sport of Calisthenics, in which you only train with your own body weight, parallel bars are the only equipment apart from rings and pull-up bars, which are absolutely necessary from a certain level in order to extend the training. Parallel handstands are used here as well, but the range goes as far as planching or 90-degree pushups.

There comes a time when you have to buy paralettes in bodyweight training.

In addition to learning such exotic movements, simpler exercises such as dips and L-sit can also be trained in parallel. So don't worry about years of training experience.

Another advantage of parallel training is that the wrists are not affected. If you have a problem with your wrist in the form of immobility or pain, Parallettes can offer you new painless possibilities.

PowerCube as an alternative to Parallettes

The PowerCube is a multifunction device and has the property of being able to serve as a parallel device. With the PowerCube, its three-dimensionality can cover many training possibilities. So it can be used as a dip stick and also drawing exercises are possible with it. Since parallel devices are generally not very inexpensive, it makes sense to organize a PowerCube as a parallel device, since several devices are connected to it in one. If you're serious about starting bodyweight training, the PowerCube is a very good choice.

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