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Neuro Athletic Bundle
Item #: P-NeuroSet
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Neuro Athletic Bundle

Neuro Athletic Bundle

  • Improve athletic performance with neuroathletics
  • Training in information acquisition and processing
  • Equipment + book training begins in the brain
  • Developed by the leading expert in neuroathletics
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This article is currently not available.

The complete set for your introduction to Neuro Athletic Training

A comprehensive package that includes the most important tools for your eye, balance and neuro mobility training. The ideal introduction to successfully complete your Neuro Athletic Training and sustainably improve your performance.

product details

Training starts in the brain (book)

Neuroscientific findings are currently revolutionizing training theory and elite sport. Optimal physical performance is only possible if the brain receives high-quality information from the eyes, balance system and body. With the revolutionary approach of neuroathletics, information recording and processing can be specifically trained and athletic performance significantly improved. In this book, leading German expert Lars Lienhard shows how neuroathletics can be integrated into any sports training. The exercises are easy to understand and can be trained anywhere with little effort. Whether you are a professional or a recreational athlete, this new training course is a decisive step forward for every athlete.

perforated spectacles

Perforated spectacles can help to reduce visual stress caused by disturbing edge rays on the retina. The perforated spectacles reduce the scattering circles of the light and thus improve the depth of focus when seeing. Perfect for preparing for eye training.

neuro cards

  • Training of peripheral perception

  • Isometric training of the eye muscles

  • near-far- change of view

  • saccade training

  • Vergence Training

  • Eye hand and foot coordination

Vision Stick

The VisionStick can be used in many different ways in neuroathletic eye and balance training. Eye change jumps, eye following movements, the training of vergence or accommodation can be trained easily and efficiently with the Vision Stick. It also serves as an excellent visual target for your balance training. An indispensable tool for every Neuro AthleticTraining.

Massage Mushroom

The Massage Mushroom withVibration is the handy One-Fits-All-Tool for the sensory preparation of the joints and the surrounding structures in Neuro Mobility Training. Its shape allows both easy handling on large joints - thanks to the special shape of the curves between the feet - and targeted stimulation of smaller joints. The special surface structure on the domes allows further sensory stimulation. The sensory pathways in neuroathletics improve the perception of the joints, activate important brain structures and enable faster motor learning processes through increased neuroplastic capacity for more efficient movement and better training. Motion control and perception in the room are increased.

  • Handy One-Fits-All Neuro Mobility Tool

  • Suitable for sensory preparation of small and large joints

  • Simple handling: can be easily switched on and off by pressure

  • Also suitable for classic muscle massage

  • Please noteNo batteries included in delivery

Included in the scope of delivery

- · Neuro Athletic Starter Set 2.0

o eye patch

o perforated spectacles

o 2 Vision Sticks

o 2Brock Strings

o Saccades cards

o Near-Far Training Cards

o Peripheral training map

o neuro cards

o Massage mushroom (no batteries included)

o Eye-hand coordination card and perforated spectacles

- · Training begins in the brain (book)

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