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FT box
Item #: FT-BOX
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FT box

Functional Training Box - All in 1

  • Everything you need for your functional training
  • The perfect gift for your fitness friends
  • Book & Magazine as reading material for the cold season of the year
  • Limited edition - only 200 pieces available
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2-3 Weeks
Weight 1.4 kg
This article is currently not available.

Everything for your perfect start! (SOLD OUT)

Everything for your perfect start!

Only 200 pieces in stock - It pays to be fast! Save now 50 Euro when buying your Functional Training Box!

We, the team of Perform Better, have sat down and thought about how we can support and accompany you on your way to a fitter and healthier everyday life. That's why we've put together a great starter box with some great basics for you. With this starter kit you can learn all the exercises and basics you will need in your future functional training!

Functional training serves to optimize performance in the areas of strength, speed, endurance, coordination and mobility. Free, three-dimensional training prepares your body perfectly for different movement requirements and serves as prophylaxis for sports and everyday injuries. You learn new and more complex movement sequences and thus increase the quality of your movement. You're balancing out imbalances and gaining strength all the time. Let's work together on your sporting goals!

The box contains

  • Miniband Set of 4
  • Superband yellow (strength 15kg)
  • Blackroll Mini black
  • Miracle Ball
  • The book "Functional Training for Beginners"
  • An issue of the popular Functional Training magazine

Miniband Set of 4

The small ribbons have it in them and can use them at any time and almost anywhere:

  • for stretching and mobility exercises
  • for injury prevention
  • for a dynamic warm-up
  • progressive resistance exercises
  • as personal trainer in all areas
  • in single and partner workout
  • In school sports and team training with clubs (e.g. athletics training)
  • for stabilisation and holding exercises
  • for constructive exercises in rehabilitation sports
  • in strength and bodyweight training
  • for unilateral exercises
  • simply take it to the gym or within your own four walls insert

Superband yellow

The Superband is made of rubber and the further you stretch it, the greater the resistance. At the same time, the tape withdraws to the starting point. During each exercise, your muscles must fight against the generated resistance both concentrically and eccentrically. The workout with the Superband thus increases the strength of movement under a complete muscle stimulation.

Blackroll Mini black

The PB Blackroll Mini is particularly suitable for massaging feet, legs or arms and can be used on tables, floors and walls. Its compact size makes it easy to take with you on the road and on trips. It is also ideal as a connecting element between two large rollers. In contrast to large-area fascial treatments, the Blackroll Mini allows pressure to be exerted on smaller, specific areas (e.g. tissue massage in the neck area).

Miracle Ball

This little ball does wonders. This was also the case with her inventor Elaine Petrone, who suffered from severe chronic pain as a young dancer. After doctors and therapists could not help her, she developed a unique therapy and training concept herself, based on roll massages with the soft rubber ball, the Miracle Ball - and became healthy again.

Functional Training for Beginners" book

This book offers an ideal introduction to functional training and 20 workouts designed for a variety of sports, including basketball, football, golf, gymnastics, hockey, athletics, cycling, skiing, swimming, tennis and volleyball. More than 100 exercises - all illustrated with step-by-step photos - help the user to develop the athletic skills required in his sport and to significantly increase his own performance.

Functional Training Magazine

Your magazine for functional training, mobility, nutrition, coaching & motivation. The magazine is aimed at ambitious professional and recreational athletes as well as personal trainers, physiotherapists and sports physicians. So actually to all those who dedicate themselves with enthusiasm and devotion to the subject of functional training. The Functional Training Magazine consists of well-versed professional articles and interviews with national and international experts.
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