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Box Equipment
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The PB Extreme punching bag

The PB Extreme punching bag

The PB Extreme punching bag is 120cm long and 35cm in diameter. It's an ideal boxing accessory. The punching bag is of the highest quality and has several aspects that make it extremely durable. Since boxing equipment has to withstand heavy use, the entire bag is covered with vinyl, which has a high resistance to friction and remains stable despite deformation. Furthermore, the punching bag was always processed with double seams to counteract possible tearing. So the punching bag can easily take any punches and kicks without taking any damage. Thanks to its size and foam filling, the PB Extreme punching bag has extremely good shock absorption, but we recommend that you always use good boxing gloves during training so that your wrist is not affected.

If you don't have the opportunity to acquire this form of boxing equipment because you can't drill a hole in the ceiling, you also have the alternative of organizing a freestanding kick bag. Altogether the Kick Bag is 185cm high. Always on a base filled with water or sand to avoid overturning. Similar to the hanging punching bag, the kick bag is also filled with dense foam and covered with vinyl, so that the trainee does not injure himself and the kick bag remains as long as possible.

The Kick Bag is a boxing training device designed primarily for kickboxing. This boxing equipment also allows variations of low kicks to be trained.

PB Extreme Boxing Gloves

PB Extreme's Boxing Gloves are ideal for sparring with claws and on the punching bag. As far as boxing equipment is concerned, good boxing gloves are standard boxing equipment. Without boxing gloves, the risk of injury in training is far too high. To further reduce this risk, the Boxing Gloves are equipped with foam padding and are made of durable leather that can easily withstand impact.

Box brackets

Box training with Pratzen requires a partner with whom sparring training can be conducted. PB Extreme's claws are slightly curved and provide an optimal clubface. The claw itself is filled with dense foam like any boxing equipment that is hit. Thus they offer optimal protection to the wearer and the training person, with the claws it is not necessary to be restrained during boxing training.

Which box to buy?

When asking which box equipment is right for you, you should consider the type of training as well as your training environment. If your martial arts are just boxing yourself, you'll get plenty of boxing gloves and a punching bag to hang up. If your sport involves a lot of kicks, the kick bag is probably the better choice. Your boxing equipment should be decided primarily according to these parameters.