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Never give up (book) a defective copy
Discontinued product
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Never give up (book) a defective copy

Never give up (book) a defective copy

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Never give up (book)

Never give up (book)

My views on weight lifting , living and learning

Coach legend Dan John succeeds in explaining the most complicated concepts of training and sport in a way that is easy to understand. In 42 stirring articles enriched with many personal anecdotes, he discusses a variety of topics from the world of weightlifting and strength training, athletics, but also Highland Games and Strongman events. The reader learns what really matters when training, how he can become stronger and faster and which prerequisites he must fulfil in order to be able to survive as a high-performance athlete. Dan John reveals his best training tips, effective workouts for season preparation, variations on the classic 5-x-5 method, how to combine kettlebell and barbell in one training session, possibilities for outdoor cardio training and much more. Dan John is known for advocating training without bells and whistles, but with basic training principles in mind. He is also so popular because he knows how to convert these basics into simple instructions in an entertaining way.

About the author

Dan John spent half of his life in the gym or on the sports field and the other half at the university. During his studies, Dan was one of the best discus throwers in US university sport, taking part in numerous weightlifting championships, the Highland Games and the Throw Five, where he holds the US record. He is a popular trainer, speaker and author when it comes to weight training, weightlifting, athletics - and especially the throwing disciplines. His books on weightlifting also include Intervention, Mass Made Simple and Easy Strength, a collaborative project with kettlebell guru Pavel Tsatsouline.

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