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PATmat Training Mat
Item #: PATM
Unfortunately, this article is currently not available.
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PATmat Training Mat

Functional Training Mat PATmat

  • Optimal surface for functional training exercises
  • 10 colourful movement fields "Twister principle
  • Suitable for bodyweight exercises & in combination with equipment
  • Coordination refinement & economization of movement sequences
Delivery time
2-3 Weeks
Weight 1 kg
This article is currently not available.

The basis of functional training - The training mat PATmat

The basis of functional training - The training mat PATmat

The PATmat is the ideal base for functional training exercises. It opens up completely new possibilities for you, such as doing exercises from a standing position, exercises in a supporting position or jumping exercises. Various markings on the mat offer you orientation points for the practice of training variants in different levels of difficulty. This is how you do your functional training at home, in the gym or on the road! The PATmat pursues in particular the goals of coordination refinement, economization of your movement sequences and the associated protection of the joints, muscle building and strength increase through functional movement patterns. Progress in training, including your mobility, can be easily measured with the help of the integrated scale. That's right. You train functionally and always test your strength, coordination, mobility or endurance at the same time! With the training mat you can perform a variety of self-weight exercises such as push-ups, knee bends, lunges, crouch jumps or hand support variations. Partner exercises, i.e. training in pairs, are just as possible as sprint, speed or endurance training. In principle, all muscle groups (arms, chest, back, stomach, legs, bottom) can be trained with the mat and the right training techniques.

Completely rolled out, the PATmat has a length of 330cm. Their width is 38cm. The rolled up training mat fits easily into any backpack and leaves you room for your constant training partner, the PATrigger. With its 2kg weight it is extremely light and still offers enough padding to cushion dynamic exercises without taking too much stability. You use the 10 colourful movement fields according to the "Twister" principle. The colours are deliberately kept strong and encourage young and old to move. The PATmat also replaces your coordination or agility ladder. Either you use your PATmat for body weight training without additional functional training tools, or in combination with dumbbells, a sling trainer, rubber bands or a cable pull in your gym.

No matter if you want to train at home in the living room, on the terrace or in the fitness club. The training mat is suitable for all groups of people - from young to old, from normal weight to overweight, from competitive athletes to hobby athletes. In addition, the mat is also aimed at operators of fitness studios or physiotherapy practices who pursue a functional training approach. As a personal trainer you can take the mat to any of your clients or to any gym. Simply roll up and stow away next to your PATrigger in your training backpack. The upper material of the PATmat is made of nylon and is therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. The elastic base material consists of natural rubber and various additives for vulcanisation.

PAT-mat - perhaps the world's most versatile functional training tool

  • Stretching, mobilisation, training and functional testing with just one tool
  • Replaces your coordination leader for your Agility Training
  • Integrated scales for real-time training monitoring
  • Immediate analysis of your imbalances in strength, mobility, mobility and stability
  • Simple and fast positioning for complex three-dimensional movements
  • Slip-resistant rubber underside for safe functional training
  • Perfect for functional training in a group - easy instruction and control of functional movement patterns
  • Can be used in combination with any loop trainer (TRX, Airfit Pro, etc.)
  • Ideal for use with dumbbells, landmine systems, suspension trainers, kettlebells, cable pulls or rubber bands
  • Very lightweight, rollable and portable - train at home, in the gym or on the road
  • Bright colours motivate young and old and are the eye-catcher in the gym
  • Suitable for carrying out the Y-Balance or Star Excursion test

product details

  • length: 330cm
  • width: 38cm
  • Weight: 2kg
  • 10 colourful movement fields

Included in delivery

  • 1x PATmat
  • Lockable PATbag for hanging around
  • Quick Start Guide
Further information about the product can be found at the homepage from creator Patrick Herzog!
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