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Gymnastic Rings
79,90 €

Why integrate gymnastics rings when I'm not a gymnast?

Training with gym rings and the advantages

What does a training with gym rings look like now? All exercises are based on bodyweight training. They start at very easy and increase to the immensely difficult. It's very popular to make exercise harder with gym rings. You'll find dips or pull-ups on gym rings are much more challenging. Why is that?

When pressure exercises are performed, gymnastics rings make certain demands on the body tension. The object from which the body pushes itself away (here the gymnastics rings) is much shakier and requires stabilization by the user. So if you can make 10 dips on a stick, you can probably only make 3 to 4 ring dips.

Drawing exercises also become more challenging as a completely new range of motion is used. Unlike the bar, gym rings can rotate with the wrist. Thus, in contrast to conventional pole pull-ups, the pull-up will require much more strength (because more movement) and you will feel it especially in the arms than in the back.

In principle, all exercises that can be done on bars can be transferred to the gym rings. So if you're on a plateau and need a stronger training stimulus, gym rings can be a real blessing.

The following exercises can be done on gymnastics rings:

  • push-ups
  • dips
  • bodyrows
  • pull-ups
  • muscle-ups
  • handstands
  • handstand-supports
  • frontlever
  • backlever
  • tarpaulin
  • Skin the Cat
  • And much more...

Another advantage that shouldn't go unmentioned is that the gym rings can be hung almost anywhere. No matter if on a pull-up bar, a branch outside or similar possibilities.

Which rings should I buy?

There are several variations of gym rings in our shop. There are rings made of wood, plastic, or even solid thaws. When choosing your gym rings, you should consider the circumstances of your training. Generally, wooden rings with some magnesium have the best grip of all, there are reasons why Turner uses wooden rings. However, since wood is a working material, they should not be trained outside all the time, where the weather could deform them or even break them. The alternative is plastic rings. The plastic rings in our shop are prepared to have an almost flu like wooden rings. They don't mind getting wet.

Last but not least, there are the rope rings, which are suitable for beginners and beginners. The handling of these is somewhat easier.

If you are about to expand your training with gym rings, the following equipment can also help you: