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RumbleRoller® Beastie Ball
Item #: BOA_RR
RumbleRoller® Beastie Ball

RumbleRoller® Beastie Ball

  • Optimal for selective massage
  • Available in two different degrees of hardness
  • Perfect addition to the standard fascia roll
  • Fixed pimples with even spacing
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The perfect tool for trigger point massage

The Beastie Ball is a handy massage ball with prick-shaped, shape-retaining pimples, which allow a deep penetration into the muscles and an ideal treatment of trigger points and tensions. Due
to the included base, the Beastie Ball can be used in many ways, whether for the treatment of forearm parts and hands on the table or for the massage of calf, leg and pomusculature sitting on the floor. For effective application in the shoulder and back area, the application on another wall is perfectly suitable. For this purpose the Beastie Ball Base can also be screwed to walls through the recesses provided at the corners.

Available in 2 degrees of hardness for different sensitivity levels:

Original - Transparent
Extrafest - Green

product details

  • diameter: 7,5 cm
  • Free from plasticizers & latex
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