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PA triggers
Item #: PATR
PA triggers


  • Material: EPP foam
  • Made in Germany
  • Skin-friendly, free of harmful substances
  • Exercise poster
Delivery time
1-3 workdays
Weight 1 kg

With muscle stimulation and optimized regeneration to maximum performance!

With muscle stimulation and optimized regeneration to maximum performance!

Promotion: Buy 2 PATriggers and get the second one for half price (Promotion period: 11.-18.12.2018)

With the 3 in 1 Faszienrolle PATrigger we give you the ideal functional training tool to get your connective tissue, joints and capsules in shape! The surface of the robust and durable foam is modelled on human skin. Rolling and turning movements thus have a similar effect to the hands of an experienced masseur. The PATrigger has a remarkable depth effect, allowing the massage roller to penetrate the innermost layers of your tissue and effectively stimulate your fasciae. The PATrigger unfolds its full potential during the training preparation "Prepare". It enables you to increase your mobility. You relieve your joints and increase the effectiveness of the training. The massage and loosening of the musculature leads to a better blood circulation and also stimulates the regeneration process.

Form, compactness and functionality of the PATrigger are designed in such a way that in principle one hundred different exercises are possible, e.g:

Pectoral muscle stimulation: While standing, you can clamp the massage roller between the chest and the wall and perform functional training exercises to stimulate the muscles. With the pointed side (avocado) you can even reach particularly deep tissue layers and stimulate blood circulation.

Soft tissue manipulation: In a comfortable sitting position, you can simply roll the massage roll vertically down the calf and prepare this part of the body for the upcoming training session - ideal for track and field athletes, tennis players, football players, etc.

Loosening of the back muscles: Painful back problems can best be alleviated by rolling up and down while lying down. By skillfully shifting your weight, you can give tense fibres and tendons air to breathe again.

Torso musculature: An upright posture not only gives a self-confident and attractive appearance but is also essential for spinal health. Faulty postures can be permanently repaired with the fascial roll PATrigger. A functional and pronounced back musculature is in any case a basic prerequisite for being able to achieve sporting performance, since the torso is the support of the entire body construct.

Positive effects of a fascia training with the PATrigger are the improved blood circulation of the musculature, a stimulated muscle growth, a tight and beautiful body silhouette with clearly reduced cellulite as well as the release of stubborn muscle tensions. The special shape and the optimized degree of hardness enable the hyaluronic acid to be incorporated into even the deepest layers of tissue. Do you want to finally get a decisive step closer to your bodygoals, get well prepared for football training or simply master everyday life in a carefree and fit way? The PATrigger was designed with the help of a team of renowned sports scientists precisely for these things!

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