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Fitness Stick - Travel (43 cm)
Item #: 9719P
Fitness Stick Travel (43 cm) Pat the Stick/ RPI Atlanta 4,25E+12
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Fitness Stick Travel (43 cm) Travel (43 cm)

  • For warm-ups & cool-down
  • Faster regeneration
  • Prevents sore muscles
  • Available in 3 different sizes
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1-3 workdays
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Fitness Stick

For intensive self-massage

The Fitness Stick is a revolutionary medical device that optimally prepares the muscle for maximum contraction, prevents muscle soreness or simply massages pain away. When used, it improves the flexibility and blood circulation of the muscle loops being used and smoit reduces the risk of injury. After sport, it reduces the regeneration time of muscles and prevents painful muscle aches. At the ends, the rod has non-slip handles that ensure a secure and firm hold. There are movable limbs between the handles which allow a rolling movement over the muscles. The stick can be used during training for fatigue symptoms and to prevent chronic injuries.

Available versions

  • Travel Stick with 8 rolls (43 cm)
  • Original stick with 15 rolls (61 cm)
  • Stiff Stick with 12 rolls (58 cm) yields less and is suitable for deeper massages
  • Hybrid stick (58cm) with extra trigger ring in the middle

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