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Cupping Bells

What happens during cupping?

What happens during cupping?

Working with the cupping bell, for example, stimulates blood circulation. Cupping works deeper than other massages - also deeper than self-massage with other fascia tools.

With the increased blood circulation the musculature is better supplied with oxygen, waste materials are transported away and the lymph system is stimulated. That's why cupping is also used to treat a variety of conditions.

In cases of muscle tension, cupping is a simple, quick and safe method to make the tensed tissue supple and slippery again. Adhesions in the myofascial system (muscle-facial system) can dissolve well through this form of self-massage.

In TCM it is even assumed that the increased blood flow and the effects described above also stimulate and strengthen the immune system. Inflammations that occur after a hard workout, for example, can be combated more quickly. This increases the ability to regenerate.

The cupping bell in fascia training - How To

To do this form of self-massage, a little preparation will do. A massage oil is mandatory. It's used to rub in the parts of the body that are cupped beforehand. The oil often has a warming effect, which increases the cupping effect. Without oil, the cupping bell would be uncomfortable.

Then the cupping bell can be put on. Bellabambi bells are perfect for this. They're being squeezed. Then they're put on the desired spot and released. This creates a negative pressure. After a few minutes the massage bell can be removed and the desired effect occurs.

Cupping head massage should not be used for inflammatory diseases of the skin or open wounds.

Who benefits from the cupping bell?

By putting on the massage bell, people with strong muscular tension can achieve a significant relaxation effect. For many, this can be a real break from everyday life. It's therefore an advisable alternative for all people suffering from tension.

As a normal cupping bell is partly made of glass, it is mainly used in physiotherapy practices. For domestic use such bells are rather unsuitable. That's why Bellabambi developed a silicone cupping bell. It is easy to transport, adapts to the body individually, does not break and finds room in every training bag.

Cupping for athletes

That's why cupping is a special way for athletes to increase performance. After a strenuous workout, the muscles are tense and so-called metabolic end products accumulate in the tissue.

After the training a Bellabambi massage bell can be put on and the regeneration process is initiated immediately. Since functional training often requires the entire body, it is worth investing a few minutes after training and cupping the largest or most strenuous parts.

But even on break days, cupping is a good way to speed up the recovery process.

In summary, a cupping bell for athletes makes sense because...

- The blood circulation is increased

- The lymphatic system is stimulated

- start regeneration processes earlier and/or run them faster

- Adhesions in the myofascial system can be dissolved

- cupping is simple, quick and possible everywhere