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Fascia Tools

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For which therapy / trainings are fascia tools suitable?

Exercises to massage fasciae

There are extremely many exercises to massage fasciae and reach the right muscles. Which exercise and which fascia tool to use to massage yourself depends on the muscle and type of tension or pain. For large muscles found on the back or thighs, fascia rolls or balls make sense. For punctual pain and tension, it is advisable to use smaller fascia balls or trigger point tools. They push harder into the muscle and do exactly the right thing to stimulate the muscles to relax.

Some exercises to massage fasciae are more pleasant than others, some may even hurt properly. But if you've had problems with a particular muscle group for some time, "therapy" with fascia tools can help.

Fascia tools available

In our shop we have the following fascia devices available:

BlackRolls: When it comes to fascia fitness, BlackRoll as a brand is always at the forefront with its BlackRolls (their product). They offer very high quality massage rolls, balls and duoballs.

PATrigger : This 3 in 1 set includes a roll, a massage ball and a trigger pin. With this set you have directly three Faszien devices and so actually already everything together.

Miracle Ball : The Miracle Ball is a very soft massage ball designed for special therapy. In addition to the muscles, this type of therapy also targets other organs.

Fitness Stick : The Fitness Stick is a tool to massage and treat your legs quickly and efficiently.

Theragun : The Theragun is a massage machine, its massage head massages away any tension at the touch of a button, no matter how hard.