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Powerbloc Sport 2.4
Item #: 2000000002224PP
Powerbloc Sport 2.4  The-Mad-Group(HQ)

Powerblock Sport 2.4

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Powerblock Sport 2.4

Powerblock Sport 2.4 (Pair)

Take the recommendation by numerous fitness and personal trainers home. You can replace eight classic dumbbell weights with the Powerblock Sport 2.4. 
Training with free weights is often underestimated but ranks among the most effective and most versatile workouts. For pure strength training or - depending on the weight - for increased intensity of gymnastics, aerobics, or fitness training. Next to pure muscle development, free dumbbell training also trains intra- and intermuscular coordination. 
The Powerbloc 2.4 combines eight weight categories in one device: The compact Powerblock Sport 2.4 is the entry-level model of the innovative training device. With basic dimensions of 46 x 56 cm, it is enormously space-saving for the training at home. 
The weight gradations from 1.5 to 11 kg are each marked with different colors and can be exchanged to meet your training needs within seconds thanks to a patented system. 
Additionally to the attractive and compact overall design, the Powerblock 2.4 offers some innovative and comfortable product features. The special urethane coating of the weight plates, for instance, ensures a long lifetime of the product and simultaneously reduces any noise generation during the training. In addition, the ergonomic grip core allows a safe and comfortable grip for any hand size and simultaneously protects wrist and forearm.
Also fitness professional Mark Verstegen bets on training with the Powerblocand has included it in his training program as fixed component.
Depending on the structure of your individual workout program, you can order the Powerbloc Sport 2.4 separately or as a set of 2.
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