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Weight Plates & Chains

Which product variants are there and what makes them stand out?

There are weight plates with two or three handles or also without handle.

Classically, weight plates without handles are used in advanced weight training or power lifting. There are standardized discs here that are calibrated for competition. So every referee in the world knows that the athlete has now really moved the weight he claims to be moving.

Weight plates with handles also serve their purpose. They are easier to transport and can be used for other exercises as well as classic barbell exercises. Whenever it comes to moving weight, you can use these weight plates.

Bumper Plates are weight plates suitable for ejection. So they don't destroy the ground (if it's a suitable ground or platform!). They are often used in sports such as cross fitness, where many repetitions must be completed in a short time.

Power blocks are a fairly modern option with little space, a comprehensive option to have ready. You can "stick" the weight here. They are often found in small personal training studios, smaller botique fitness studios or physio practices.

Chains are a way to add extra weight to the barbell, which is different from the weight plates. Because weight plates act on you regardless of your location. A 5 kg weight plate is a 5 kg weight plate at every point of the knee bend and thus weighs five kilograms.

A chain, however, falls to the ground at the knee bend and at the lowest point of the movement, i.e. at the reversal point, so less weight has an effect on you than at the highest point. Therefore chains are predestined to increase the explosive power of athletes or to set new stimuli in powerlifting (like in Westside Training).

For which training do you use weight plates?

Weight plates are an elementary part of any workout. You can use them in the following training variations:

- hypertrophy training

- maximum strength training

- strength endurance training

- bodybuilding

- Weightlifting (Powerlifting, Crossfit..)

- personal training

- group training

- Rehab Training

- athletic training

- …

Since the weights are gradable, weight plates are favorable to achieve a variety of effects in the body.

Buying weight plates - is it worth it for you?

As a private person weight plates help you to achieve your goals. You can increase your weight in small steps over the long term and see your progress in every training session.

You can also vary with them, because they are also suitable for free weighttim functional training in addition to the classic strength exercises with the barbell bar. Complex movement patterns with additional load make training more effective and challenge your body anew.

You can also use weight plates at home. But make sure that the weight plates are rubberized and provide a stable surface that can withstand a lot. We advise you not to drop weights at home unless you have a professional floor or platform. Then you can drop plates with Bumber Plates.

In gyms where high quality is important, weight plates should be of the highest quality. Buying weight plates cheaply means saving at the wrong end in extreme cases. Good weight plates last forever and are therefore a one-time investment - bad weight plates don't.

Personal training studios, rehab centers or physiopraxes often lack space. Weight plates make sense here as well, because strength is important for rehabilitation, prevention and also for promoting performance (More and more physiotherapists are approaching the topic of strength training, as they realize that the symbiosis of physiotherapeutic treatment and the targeted build-up of muscle mass and maximum strength promises fast and, above all, lasting treatment successes).

But due to the lack of space an optimal barbell or dumbbell training with many different weight plates is not possible. A 5 kg dumbbell bar alone isn't enough.

Therefore the powerblocks are advisable here. They're space-saving and very variable. They can also be used for effective strength training.