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UpgradeU Set

The unique UgradeU sets offer the optimal basis for the perfect workout. The sets consist of kettlebell, dumbbells and a training mat.


The training with free weights does not only address isolated muscles, but is a perfect form of the whole body training. Due to the free weights, the body must be stabilized throughout the exercise, which makes kettlebell training extremely efficient! In addition to muscle building and improved body stability, tendons, ligaments and the cardiovascular system are strengthened. The new training impulses will challenge your body in a special way. Made of non-slip vinyl, the PB Vinyl Kettlebells are extremely durable and robust. Ergonomically shaped handles provide a perfect grip to protect joints and ensure optimal exercise performance.

Material: Cast iron with Vinylum

Dumbbells effectively support your workout program, whether as an additional increase in intensity during gymnastics, aerobics or fitness training or strength training at home. A multitude of exercise variations makes the training with the small all-rounders varied and enables a holistic strengthening of the individual muscle parts. Intra- and intermuscular coordination are especially trained, because the dumbbell exercises have to be carried out freely and without any movement by a device.
The handy and hard-wearing plastic coating of the dumbbells prevents the absorption of sweat and is easy to clean. Ergonomic handles also ensure stable and safe handling.Fitness mat:
First Place's fitness mats are made of pleasant special foam and provide a pleasantly soft feeling and optimum comfort.
they are particularly suitable for yoga, warm-up and stretching exercises in the studio or at home.
4 integrated eyelets on the mat corners enable space-saving and practical storage on wall brackets.

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