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Kettlebell Bundle (Set)
Item #: P-KTB-Set
Unfortunately, this article is currently not available.
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Kettlebell Bundle (Set)

Kettlebell Bundle (Set)

  • The exclusive Kettlebell Bundle for your introduction
  • Black Kettlebell 12kg with colour coding
  • The great Kettlebell training book by Till Sukopp
  • For a better performance of the whole body
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Weight 13 kg
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This article is currently not available.

Even more functional training with the Kettlebell Bundle

Even more functional training with the Kettlebell Bundle

Everybody is talking about kettlebell training - and rightly so! With the ball dumbbell you train your entire body within the shortest time. You have no experience with kettlebell training yet? We'll give you good reasons why you should definitely train with the ball dumbbell:

  • Increasing strength (kettlebell training forces entire muscle groups to work together harmoniously, and the oscillating complex movements demand the holding and moving muscles simultaneously)
  • Low expenditure of time (already with 1-2 hours training per week strength, endurance and health can be increased considerably)
  • Increased stability (Kettlebells train the centre of the body effectively and ensure that you walk through life upright and without back pain)
  • High calorie consumption (the exercises are faster and more swinging due to the ball dumbbell and thus strain the whole body)
  • Improvement of coordination & body awareness (Often arms, trunk and legs have to work simultaneously and their well timed interaction leads to a fluid movement. For this to work, the limbs must be well coordinated with each other.)
  • Functionality (Kettlebell training involves complex movement sequences that simultaneously strain several joints and muscle groups. It is therefore a form of training that is relevant to everyday life and that spans all sports.)
  • Improved grip (more grip helps with many dumbbell exercises such as crucifix lifting or rowing)

The big Kettlebell training book

Highly effective functional whole body workout
In competitive sports and the military, kettlebell training has long been highly regarded as it greatly improves overall performance, speed, endurance and mental strength. Meanwhile, fitness athletes, managers and housewives are also training with Kettlebells and the boom is not slowing down.
In addition to the strength and endurance enhancing effect, it is above all the high calorie consumption combined with the short training duration that makes this training so attractive. It is not necessarily a matter of lifting as high weights as possible, but of developing good body control and correctly executing the functional movement patterns. Training with Kettlebells teaches you to move your body correctly again and to use it as a unit. In addition to a significantly increased basic fitness and a more robust health, a better body feeling soon appears in everyday life and in sport.
Dr. Till Sukopp, leading German kettlebell expert, sets completely new standards with this comprehensive manual. A large pool of illustrated exercises, training programs for all fitness levels as well as valuable tips for correct warming up and optimal regeneration make his book the irreplaceable standard work for beginners as well as for professionals.

PB Black Kettlebell

The Perform Better Black Kettlebell is made of solid cast iron and weighs 12kg. Due to the ergonomically shaped handle, the kettlebell lies particularly well in the hand. Whether Core, Mobility or Functional Training - with the Kettlebell you bring the performance of your entire body into swing.
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