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Harley Bar without additional weights
Discontinued product
Item #: 2010040012
Harley Bar without additional weights  Harley Pasternak

Harley Bar without additional weights

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Weight 4.7 kg
44,90 €
18,90 €

Your Versatile Workout Partner!

Developed by a professional! The Harley Pasternak Fitness Bar is excellently suited to complement your personal workout or to support the 5-Factor-Fitness Plan. 

Harley Pasternak, bestseller author of the 5-Factor-Program has an excellent expertise in fitness and nutrition. His revolutionary and clever fitness program inspires all age groups, is easy to integrate into everyday life, and leads to great and lasting successes with comparatively low efforts. 

The Harley Fitness Bar has been designed by Pasternak and is highly versatile and flexible in use due to its special construction. It consists of two long pieces that form the center of the bar and two short dumbbell pieces that can be attached to the left and the right. They can also be used individually. Whether you prefer exercises with a classic body bar or a barbell or a dumbbell training - the Harley Bar offers you all in one. 

In order to further increase the intensity of the workout, the Harley Bar comprehensive package contains four additional dumbbell weights á 700 g. The extra weigths can simply be pinned and attached to the barbell or dumbbell version of the fitness bar.

Comfortable: The special neoprene coating provides a safe and pleasant grip, low development of perspiration, and can be cleaned easily and hygienically. Since the fitness bar can be taken into 4 pieces, it can be stowed in the specially developed bag - with or without extra weigths as needed - space-savingly and transported easily. 

The Harley Fitness Bar builds up upper arm and forearm muscles in a focused way. It intensifies and extends workouts. It can be excellently integrated into every workout plan and particularly supports exercises of the 5-Factor-Fitness successful program by Harley Pasternak.

-    varied exercises, focused muscle development 
-    safe and comfortable gripping surface
-    for barbell and dumbbell trainings
-    4 extra weights to increase intensity
-    perfectly suited for a 5-Factor-Fitness-Workout

   Product specifications:

   Variant 1:. comprehensive package 
    (You save 10¤)
   - 2 x barbell
   - 2 x dumbbell
   - 4 extra weights á 700 g
   - practical bag

   Variant 2: Harley Bar
    without additional weights
   - 2 x barbell
   - 2 x dumbbell

   Variante 3: additional weights with      bag
   - 4 extra weights á 700 g
   - practical bag

   color: black

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