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Who sits longer, is dead earlier (book)
Item #: ISBN 978-3-7423-0271-7
Who sits longer, is dead earlier (book)

Who sits longer, is dead earlier (book)

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The first-aid programme for people who have to sit a lot against posture problems and pain.

Sitting takes up a large part of the day - whether in the subway, at the desk, in meetings or in front of the television. But the constant sitting damage the health enormously, it shortens the life and prolongs the suffering time. Therefore, it is high time to change something about this sedentariness!

What does a healthy workplace look like? How can movement be integrated into everyday office life and what exercises are there that can be used in the office, at home or on the way to compensate for the deficiency and reverse the seat-related damage?

About the author:

Frank Thömmes, back school teacher and expert for functional training and occupational health promotion, gives a variety of practical tips to help you stay active and healthy in the office. From strengthening and mobilizing various body areas to stretching routines and self-massages - with these innovative exercises and strategies, problems associated with sitting can be combated highly effectively and without great effort and long-term damage can be successfully avoided.

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