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Stretching Bibel (Buch)
Item #: ISBN 978-3-7423-0477-3
Stretching Bibel (Buch)

Stretching Bible (Book) - Lexie Williamson

  • Movement and mobility as a central role in everyday life
  • Instructions for various stretching programs
  • Tips for reducing stress
  • Graphical representation of the exercises
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The best exercises for maximum fitness and mobility

The ultimate stretching guide for a smooth body! Mobility plays a central role in everyday life and sport. Stretching promotes muscle flexibility, which can prevent injury and increase athletic performance. Stretching also helps to improve physical well-being in everyday life. If you also want to stay healthy and fit into old age, you should regularly complete a stretching programme tailored to your needs. This book offers a variety of exercises covering all areas of the body as well as various activities and sports. Put together your perfect stretching routine: whether to treat specific problem areas such as the neck or back, to wake up and fall asleep, to reduce stress or to relax in everyday office life, in football, running or swimming training, to warm up or warm down. The comprehensive selection offers the right exercises for every occasion and leads you guaranteed to maximum fitness and mobility!

About the author

Lexie Williamson. is a certified yoga teacher and author. In addition to articles for various magazines such as Runner's World, Women's Fitness and Outdoor Fitness, she has written the books Running Better with Yoga and Cycling Better with Yoga. As a yoga teacher, she looks after athletes such as runners, golfers and tennis players and teaches classes for various age and performance levels.

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