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Stark ist das neue Sexy (Buch)
Item #: ISBN 978-3-86883-786-5
Stark ist das neue Sexy (Buch)

Strong is the new Sexy (book) - Bret Contreras

  • Presentation of highly effective training programs
  • Introduction to Female Anatomy
  • Nutrition plan included
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The training book for a crisp bottom, tight curves and a great figure

In recent years, the general ideal of beauty has changed: away from anorexia towards a healthy, strong figure. Essential for this is the training of the gluteal muscles - the largest and strongest muscle group in our body. Fitness expert and bestselling author Bret Contreras has spent many years researching the best ways for women to get a firm bottom and tighter curves. In this comprehensive handbook, he presents the training programs that have proven highly effective with his clients. They increase the lean muscle mass in the gluteal muscles, form a well-rounded, tight bottom and strengthen the female self-confidence. This book contains a wealth of background information on female anatomy and raises awareness of why so many fitness programs do not help women achieve their goals. Free yourself from this treadmill with a comprehensive nutrition plan and over 200 exercises and become more powerful, energetic, fitter and happier from head to toe!

About the authors

Bret Contreras is a certified fitness trainer, book author and known in the industry as "The Glute Guy", because he has been more involved with gluteal muscles of the buttocks than any other leading expert. While continuing to work on developing the optimal training methods for the muscle group around the buttocks, he is doing his doctorate in sports science at Auckland University of Technology.

Kellie Davis is an author and blogger with a focus on fitness and sports nutrition. She also works as a personal trainer.

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