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Low Carb (Book)
Item #: ISBN 978-3-86883-101-6
Low Carb (Book)  Koch, Neff & Oetinger

Low Carb (Book)

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Reduce carbohydrates - get slim - live better

Fast and safe weight loss with Low Carb!
"Low carb is the eating trend of the future. Also in the German-speaking countries the insight becomes generally accepted more and more in the nourishing science that luxuriant quantities sugar and strength carry the main responsibility for the widespread predominance. Many restaurants now consciously offer low-carbohydrate dishes, and instead of "low fat", millions of figure-conscious people are now opting for "low carb".
Nicolai Worm, a nutritionist and author known for his LOGI method, recommends a diet based on vegetables, fruits and vegetable oils, plus protein in the form of meat, fish and dairy products. Rice, noodles or potatoes are only permitted as small side dishes.

This gentle low carb method is perfect for those who want to lose weight or just eat healthier and feel good.

Author: Dr. oec. Troph. Worm, Nicolai

Dr. oec . troph. Nicolai Worm is one of the leading nutritionists in Germany. He has written numerous books, brochures and professional articles and has become known to a wide audience through his radio and TV appearances on private and public stations. Many of his books, including the LOGI method he developed, became bestsellers.

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