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Ischiasbeschwerden und das Piriformis-Syndrom (Buch)
Item #: ISBN 978-3-7423-0043-0
Ischiasbeschwerden und das Piriformis-Syndrom (Buch)  Koch, Neff & Oetinger

Ischiasbeschwerden und das Piriformis-Syndrom (Buch)

  • Comprehensive guide
  • Most important information on background and development
  • Exercise programme specially tailored to Piriformis syndrome
  • Simple and effective techniques to counteract postural deformities
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Ischiasbeschwerden und das Piriformis-Syndrom

Do you suffer from back pain that radiates down to your legs? Then you are not alone: almost every third person in Germany is affected. Traditionally, doctors automatically assume a herniated disc. But the tape writings are not always the triggers. In many cases, it is an inflammation of the Piriformis muscle which presses on the sciatic nerve and thereby triggers the discomfort. The advantage: If the Piriformis syndrome was recognized, it can be treated much more purposefully and more successfully than a slipped disc. Even simple stretching exercises show amazing effect. The sports editor Nicolai Napolski, who knows from his own experience how painful the Piriformis syndrome is, wrote together with the sports therapist and personal trainer Katharina Brinkmannden the first guidebook, which deals with this illness decidedly. The authors have not only compiled the most important information on the background and development of the disease, but have also developed an exercise concept specially tailored to Piriformis Syndrome, which presents simple and effective techniques to stretch the shortened muscle, strengthen the pelvic girdle and correct postural deformities, and in an expert interview with osteopathic therapist and back specialist Torsten Pfitzer you will also learn how you can prevent the disease so that the pain does not develop in the first place.

Learn how to treat Piriformis Syndrome yourself so that your pain is soon a thing of the past.

About the authors

Katharina Brinkmann is the founder of YOU Personal Training. In addition to her work as a yoga teacher and personal trainer, she also works in the clinical field as a sports therapist. Her focus is on yoga and fascia training, which she has successfully combined in her book Yoga Fascia Training.

Nicolai Napolski is editor-in-chief of, the large German sports expert portal. As an enthusiastic snowboarder, mountain biker and climber, injuries are no stranger to him. After a week-long odyssey of doctors, he was diagnosed with Piriformis Syndrome by a physiotherapist, and after he discovered that there was still relatively little information about it, he wrote this book together with Katharina Brinkmann.

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