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In der Box (Buch)
Item #: ISBN 978-3-86883-305-8
In der Box (Buch)  Koch, Neff & Oetinger

In the box (book) - T.J. Murphy

    • About the CrossFit Community
    • Effects of CrossFit Training
    • Future development of the Crossfit trend
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    How CrossFit revolutionized training and gave mireinen a completely new body

    It all started in the garage of fitness guru Greg Classman - today there are more than 4000 CrossFit® facilities worldwide. These CrossFit® "boxes" are former warehouses, gyms or garages equipped with mats, kettlebells, weights, ropes, medicine balls, truck tyres, bouncy ropes and chalk bags. The crossfitters try to perform push-up or box jumps, pull-ups or weight lifting exercises with dumbbells as often as possible within a given period of time.

    The training is extremely strenuous, after which the athletes are bathed in sweat and happy like never before thanks to maximum endorphin release. In contrast to normal fitness studios, the sense of camaraderie in the boxes is very pronounced and always spurs the crossfitters on to new heights of performance. The high-intensity training leads to rapid weight loss and a well-shaped body. Endurance athlete T.J. Murphy started CrossFit® to find out why this training, so hyped in the US, is as effective as it feels, and whether it can heal his sport-damaged body, and in his book he brings this fascinating fitness phenomenon closer to the reader, shed light on the unusual CrossFit® community and science behind it. And last but not least, he explains why CrossFit® will soon also be found in many garages in our vicinity.

    About the author

    T.J. Murphy. is a former endurance athlete and former editor-in-chief of the magazines Triathlet, Inside Triathlon and Competitor.

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