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Fascia Fitness (Book)

Fascia Fitness (Book)

  • The latest findings on fascial training
  • Practical exercise programmes for everyday life
  • From the leading German fascia researcher Robert Schleip
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The best exercises with and without fascia roll

If you want to stay mobile, vital and pain-free in everyday life and sports, you should do something for your connective tissue! This insight has become more and more accepted in recent years in physiotherapy, sports science and medicine. The muscular connective tissue plays an important role for well-being, mobility, performance and health: the so-called fasciae transmit the strength of the muscles, communicate with the nervous system, serve as a sensory organ, provide protection and material exchange for the internal organs and form the basis for a beautiful body shape.

The connective tissue reacts to stress and stimuli and if fasciae become matted or sticky, this can result in pain and movement problems. The fascia should therefore be specifically trained - 10 minutes twice a week is enough! This book by the leading German fascia researcher and Rolfing therapist Robert Schleip shows how the new findings can be translated into a practical exercise program for everyday life.

About the authors

Robert Schleip is the leading fascia researcher in Germany, with a doctorate in human biology, a Certified Rolfer and a degree in psychology. At the University of Ulm, he leads his own fascia research group as a scientist and also works as a manual therapist in his own Rolfing practice. As a lecturer he gives lectures in the field of physiotherapy, training science and osteopathy and works together with scientists and therapists in a worldwide network on the research of connective tissue. He is the author of numerous books, including the bestseller Faszien-Fitness.

Johanna Bayer is a science journalist and author. She works for TV and Print on health and medical topics, including muscle and exercise, nutrition, brain research and cancer. Since 2012, she has been intensively involved with fascial research and its significance for everyday life, sport and pain therapy. Together with Robert Schleip, she is the author of the bestseller Faszien-Fitness published by riva Verlag.

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