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Das große Kettlebell-Trainingsbuch (Buch)
Item #: ISBN 978-3-86883-389-8
Das große Kettlebell-Trainingsbuch (Buch)  Koch, Neff & Oetinger

Das große Kettlebell-Trainingsbuch (Buch)

  • Theoretical basics
  • Practical examples of exercises
  • Training programs for every fitness level
  • Author is Dr. Till Sukopp
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The Great Kettlebell Training Book

Kettlebells are ball dumbbells made of solid cast iron. Its special shape allows a variety of exercises that train the whole body in strength, endurance, speed and flexibility. In contrast to normal dumbbells, the mass centre of gravity is always outside the hand when training with the Kettlebells, which additionally demands and strengthens the body's stabilisation muscles. Kettlebell training is highly functional and is regarded as one of the most effective and efficient fitness concepts of our time. The sports scientist, fitness coach and personal trainer Till Sukopp is one of the leading experts in the field of kettlebell training. His comprehensive handbook does not neglect any theoretical or practical aspect and offers a wealth of exercises and training programs for every fitness level.

About the author

Dr. Sukopp, Till studied sports science at the German Sports University in Cologne and received his doctorate in sports medicine. He acquired his comprehensive practical knowledge through various trainer and speaker activities as well as competition experience in various sports. For several years he has been working intensively on effective minimal programs and functional training methods that can both prevent injuries and significantly improve performance.

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