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Balancetraining (Buch)
Item #: ISBN 978-3-7423-0035-5
Balancetraining (Buch)  Koch, Neff & Oetinger

Balancetraining (Buch)

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balance training

The best exercises for more balance, stability and coordination

Being able to maintain balance is an important physical ability, the lack of which we often only become painfully aware of after injuries or in old age. Balance training should therefore be a natural part of any fitness program, because if we do not exercise our balance regularly, we lose it. Vlado Å uchter is a sports scientist and fitness trainer. In recent years he has trained a large number of clients, including many competitive and amateur athletes of various sports. He repeatedly experienced that balance exercises had an enormous positive effect on health and athletic performance. Muscles, tendons, joints became stronger and pain disappeared.

In this book Vlado Å uchter collects his 100 best exercises to promote balance. Many can be carried out without equipment, only with their own body weight. Others use shaky pads such as a Pilates ball, a Pilates roll, a BOSU or a combination of several devices. Each exercise is described in detail in individual steps, shown in coloured pictures and can be called up online as a video using an integrated QR code.

About the author

Vladimir Å uchter, born in 1983, studied sports with a focus on regeneration at the Comenius University in Bratislava. Since then he has worked as a trainer and physiotherapist for individual athletes and various sports teams, including the Tatran Bratislava professional canoe and kayak club and the Slovak inline hockey team, which won the silver medal at the 2008 World Championships. Å uchter mainly uses strength training with his own body weight, but also balance exercises to strengthen the holding muscles.

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