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Books & DVDs

Advantages of the training book

Advantages of the Fitness DVD

The Fitness DVD helps in carrying out the workout in the form of visual learning. In the training book you learn the theoretical background and maybe see some pictures, but the visual execution is best seen on a fitness DVD. To take up the example of yoga again: With a Yoga DVD there is the possibility to do several trainings together with a teacher. The aim of the Yoga DVD is to show people what a training course looks like and to give them the opportunity to do a yoga course without the presence of a real trainer. The Yoga DVD aims at Learning by Doing.

People who don't feel like going to a course or who just want to get an idea of what kind of training they're doing are just right with a fitness DVD. It can give you important practical insights. Only it can be that in contrast to the book, the theory behind the whole topic comes a little too short.

Training book and fitness DVD on various topics

Training book:

  • Freestyle: A very good book for the person who wants to analyze and optimize movements. The author also deals with the question of how to learn exercises through alternative movements.
  • Functional Training for Beginners : Ideal for anyone who is not yet familiar with concepts of functional training, but wants to get started.
  • Fit without equipment: the idea is to bring the entire body without equipment to the level of a Navy Seal.
  • Become a Smooth Leopard: For those of us who are too stiff and want to work on our own mobility, this book can finally help you clean up a squad or become flexible.
  • Overcoming Gravity: The Bodyweight Training bad. People in the world of sports swear by this book and it contains unbelievably many exercises from easy to difficult. Furthermore, the great theoretical part makes many a book superfluous.
  • Strength Training Programming: With this book you have a rationally sound work in your hands that will help you avoid any stagnation in your training.
  • Yoga for athletes : in this yoga book, fitness is combined with yoga to bring the many benefits of yoga to his sport. A yoga book of a different kind.

Fitness DVD:

  • If you want to learn and perform an efficient warm up, workout and cool down in functional training, this Fitness DVD is for you.
  • Kettlebell Training: If you want to find out what you can do with a kettlebell, the Fitness DVD Kettlebell Training provides you with a good repertoire of exercises.
  • Fit without equipment: Yes the book has an accompanying DVD, no, the training won't really be any easier...

These training books and fitness DVDs and much more are available in our shop.