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Thera-Band Tube
Item #: 21010P
Thera-Band Tube  Artzt

Thera-Band Tube

  • the fitness and physio classic 
  • countless training possibilities 
  • total length 7.5 meters 
  • can be customized individually
Delivery time
1-3 workdays

Thera-Band Tube (7.5 meters)

The colorful allrounders are equally popular with fitness professionals and physiotherapists for there is no limit to the exercise variety. 

Thanks to their excellent stretch capacities and different levels of difficulty, the proven Tubes are used in numerous applications and exercise programs of classic fitness training such as belly/legs/buttocks, aerobics, gymnastics, as well as in sport and rehabilitation therapies. Furthermore, the training with the Tubes is very effective and, depending on the exercise set-up, claims muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the whole body. 
Made of natural latex, the Tubings are available in different stretch resistance levels, which are easy to distinguish from each other by a color system. The individual levels of difficulty can be chosen appropriately to individual fitness or therapy programs and moreover increase the training motivation by the possibility of a steady increase of intensity. With a basic length of 7.5 m, the Tubes offer an optimal movement range but can be customized individually to the planned application. 
beige = extra thin
yellow = thin 
red = medium strong 
green = strong 
blue = extra strong 
Note: delivery based on production factors of 7.5 m in sections 
Even more fun: Get informed about our Tube accessories, as well! There are no limits to your exercise fantasy. 
The Tubes are also available in a length of 30.5 meters.
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