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FLEXVIT Multi Band Packages (Set of 10)
Item #: 40202PP
FLEXVIT Multi Band Packages (Set of 10)

FLEXVIT Multi Band Packages (Set of 10)

  • Effective shoulder, arm and leg training
  • Made of sturdy textile rubber
  • Ökotex certified
  • Available in different thicknesses
Delivery time
1-3 workdays

FLEXVIT Multi Band Packages for the Studio or at Home

The FLEXIVIT MULTI is suitable for beginners as well as for professionals, whether at home or on the road. A FLEXVIT Multi Band can be used for physiotherapeutic purposes as well as for targeted muscle building, endurance enhancement or skin tightening. The exercise variations are almost unlimited. Available in 4 different strengths for different demands and exercise forms

product details

  • Elongation: orange, green and blue approx. 120% / hemp - no elongation
  • Material: Woven rubber (suitable for allergy sufferers)
  • Washable up to 60°C
  • Tear-resistant & robust

training emphases

  • free training (strengthening) in principle of all muscle groups and chains possible
  • Training of strength, endurance, balance, core, flexibility.
  • General stabilization and rotation exercises.
  • Elongation, activation and mobilization.

Available versions

  • Set of 10 orange health - light
  • Set of 10 green fitness - medium
  • Set of 10 blue power - heavy
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