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PB Superbands
Item #: 6535PP
PB Superbands  Perform Better USA

PB Superbands

• Innumerable training options 

• Suitable for resistance and supportive training

• Different resistances from six kg up to 120 kg

Delivery time
1-3 workdays

Small, light and variable - get fit with the Perform Better Superbands

The Perform Better Superbands are tough resistance bands for high load demands. They are perfect for effective full body workouts as well as for use in the physio and rehab area. Due to the different strengths you can be train with different intensities, depending on the fitness level. The thinner versions are particularly suitable for effective and varied training in sprinting, weight training and athletics. They allow intensive exercises in lunges, running exercises, shuffles, shoulder presses, squats, accommodating resistance training and many more. The stronger ones are particularly suitable for support in pull-ups and dips. Due to the lower load, the exercises can easily be performed by beginners. While performing weightlifting exercises,  the superbands can generate increased stress and leverage.

Available versions (resistance / width)

  • Orange - 6 kg, 0.6 cm
  • Red - 7 kg, 1.25 cm
  • Black - 11 kg, 1.25 cm
  • Yellow - 15 kg, 2 cm
  • Black - 22 kg, 2.5 cm
  • Purple - 25 kg, 2,8 cm
  • Green - 32.5 kg, 3.8 cm
  • Black - 32.5 kg, 4.5 cm
  • Blue - 38 kg, 5 cm
  • Black - 45 kg, 6.5 cm
  • Gray - 95 kg, 8 cm
  • Black - 120 kg, 10 cm

Product details

  • Material thickness: 5 mm
  • Length: 1 m
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