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Minibands XL - extra difficult XL (30 x 5 cm loop) black
Item #: 5473P
Minibands XL extra difficult XL (30 x 5 cm loop) black Perform Better USA 852668156076

Minibands XL extra difficult XL (30 x 5 cm loop) black extra difficult XL (30 x 5 cm loop) black

  • longer version of the minibands 
  • ideally suited for take away 
  • effective & intensive
Delivery time
1-3 workdays
Weight 0.01 kg

The extra large miniband for more comfort

Minibands XL

The XL version of the standard minibands is 30 cm long and is perfect for doing exercises where the band is placed around the thighs as well as for tall athletes. Stretching, weight training or prevention - Minibands are handy allround talents for effective and intense whole body training. The elastic bands offer a variety of workout options, even if your workout space is limited.

They are ideal for activation and training of all major muscle loops and the entire core & stabilization muscles. In addition, they are also ideal for dynamic warm-ups or during regeneration after knee and shoulder injuries.The four different strengths available provide the appropriate level of difficulty for each level of fitness and may be incorporated individually or in combination into exercises, e.g. in side steps, squats, shoulder stabilization exercises etc.

Product details

  • Length: about 30 cm
  • Available in 4 different thicknesses
  • Latex-containing material

 Available strengths

  • yellow - light
  • green - medium
  • blue - strong
  • black - extra strong
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