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Minibands - Black (extra strong)
Item #: 6543P
Minibands Black (extra strong) Perform Better USA 4250801800033

Minibands black (extra strong) Black (extra strong)

  • A must for every Functional
  • Easy to transport, extremely versatile in use
  • Suitable for every fitness level
  • Can be combined with other training tools
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Small band, big effect - Effective workout with mini bands

Whether stretching, strength training or prevention - mini bands are handy all-round talents and perfectly suited for effective and intensive training of the entire body. The elastic rubber straps offer a variety of workout variations, even in the narrowest training space, and are ideal for targeted activation and training of main muscle loops such as thighs and shoulder girdle as well as the complete torso and stabilization muscles. Minibands can be optimally integrated into dynamic warm-ups or during regeneration phases after injuries. The different colours make it easy to distinguish between them. Thanks to the "mini shape" you can easily stow it in your hand bag or sports bag and take it with you on your travels. The classic exercises with the ligaments are e.g. side steps, squats, shoulder stabilization exercises, etc.

product details

Below you will find information about our stylish fitness tapes with different strengths. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service.

  • length: ca 20
  • Material: Latex
  • Available strengths: yellow (light), green (medium), blue (strong), black (extra strong)

Which resistance is right for me?

Basically, if you want to achieve optimal training results, you should choose a combination of different strengths during your workout. On the one hand your individual training level plays a role and on the other hand it depends on which muscles you want to use. When you're a beginner, the yellow and green mini ribbons offer you an optimal start to your workout. The stronger the muscle you want to train, the stronger the resistance of your miniband should be.

Where can I use my miniband?

The small ribbons have it in them and can use them at any time and almost anywhere:

  • for stretching and mobility exercises
  • for injury prevention
  • for a dynamic warm-up
  • progressive resistance exercises
  • as personal trainer in all areas
  • in single and partner workout
  • In school sports and team training with clubs (e.g. athletics training)
  • for stabilisation and holding exercises
  • for constructive exercises in rehabilitation sports
  • in strength and bodyweight training
  • for unilateral
  • simply take it to the gym or within your own four walls insert

Functional Training with the Minibands

Are you already an advanced or personal trainer? The classic squat or the lunge with the resistor straps isn't enough for you? Then let our experts at the Certified Functional Trainer Seminar demanding full body exercises and combinations with other training tools. As a physiotherapist you can also do valuable rehabilitative exercises with the mini-band in our Functional Myofascial Trainer Medical learn.

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