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PB Flossband
Item #: FL000000
PB Flossband

PB Flossband

  • optimization of radius of movement & of mobility 
  • effective promotion of lymph drainage & regeneration 
  • different versions for individual requirements
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Perform Better Flossband - Painless and flexible through tying

PB Flossband

Become painless and mobile by setting

Flossing is a relatively new type of therapy and can - when properly used - improve joint mobility, muscular strength and elasticity of the fascia. The rubber band is wrapped around a joint and surrounding tissue (muscles, tendons, fascia), thus interrupting the flow of current. As a result, the affected area is subjected to a corresponding pressure (depending on the tape thickness). In the wrapped joint, the adhesions and adhesions are released through selected movements. Thus, the treatment may have a positive effect on the range of motion. In water retention can be derived by targeted movements during the wrapping of the joint, deposits. The floss tape may be folded over here for a maximum of 3 minutes so that the streams in the fabric are not interrupted too long. The new inflowing blood after unwinding can bring fresh nutrients into the tissue.

Available in different versions for individual requirements

YELLOW: 1.0mm thick, 1.5m long - light

  • Suitable for use on the upper extremities: wrist, elbow and shoulder. The yellow version is perfectly suitable version for people with weak connective tissue.

RED: 1.5mm thick, 1.5m long - medium

  • Suitable for use on the upper extremities: wrist, elbow and shoulder.The red version is perfectly suitable for optimal for people with solid connective tissue.

BLACK: 2.0mm thick, 1.5m long - strong

  • Use the black version where high shear forces are exerted, e.g. Knee (patellar tip).

BLUE: 1.5mm thick, 2.5m long - medium

  • Used for the treatment of all major fasciae e.g. Lower leg, calf, thighs.

GREEN: 1.3mm thick, 3.5m long - medium

  • Suitable for combining more than one joint, e.g. Hip and Sacroiliac

MINT: 1.3mm thick, 8.5m long - medium - extra long

  • You can cut this version into different lenghts or can be used as a regeneration tape e.g. be used on the whole leg.

Click here for the >> Functional Flossing Workshop

The effect of flossing is based on a large number of such experience reports but unfortunately not yet sufficiently documented, according to the criteria of evidence-based medicine (EBM). So far, the mode of action is hypothetic.

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