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PB Flossband - 1,3mm stark, 3,5m lang (grün)
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PB Flossband 1,3mm stark, 3,5m lang (grün)  254654566437

PB Flossband 1,3mm stark, 3,5m lang (grün) 1,3mm stark, 3,5m lang (grün)

  • Available in different thicknesses and lengths
  • Adapted to the most diverse needs and tissue types
  • Perfect for customer and patient therapy or self-treatment
  • Easy to clean and transport
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This article is currently not available.

Perform Better Flossband - Painless and flexible through tying

The Perform Better raft bands are made of latex material and are available in various lengths (1.5-8.5 m) and thicknesses (1.0-2.0 mm). They are mainly used by trained physios and personal trainers in pain and mobility therapy. Flossing is mainly used when movement is restricted or painful. This enables patients to make "normal movements" for a limited period of time. The colour code allows the Perform Better raft ribbons to be easily distinguished and the roll-up saves space and can be neatly stowed away.

What is Flossing ?

Flossing (also known as vodoo and ninja flossing) is a relatively new or rather rediscovered myofascial compression technique that relieves pain and restores freedom of movement. Already in ancient Rome some documentations about the therapy method can be found and after long oblivion they belong today again to the standard equipment in some Reha and Physiopraxen. The American physiotherapist Dr. Kelly Starett provided for the resurgence of the flossing by thematizing it in one of his well-known books "Become a Smooth Leopard".

How does Flossing work?

The fin ligament is wrapped around the desired joint and the surrounding tissue (muscles, tendons, fascia). Due to the high compression, the venous return flow is largely interrupted and the arterial inflow is greatly reduced. The loosening of the raft band (after approx. 1-3 minutes) creates a "sponge effect" by which used liquids in the tissue (e.g. lymph) and metabolic end products are squeezed out and fresh, nutrient-rich liquids are taken up again. The latex tape must be turned over for a maximum of 3 minutes during application so that the currents in the tissue are not interrupted for too long. The new blood flowing in after unwinding can bring fresh nutrients into the tissue.

The Effects of Flossing

Until today there are unfortunately only practical experiences and no scientific studies to the actual effect of the "miracle bands". Medical Flossing is based on three mechanisms of action:

  • sponge effect

A strong negative pressure is triggered by the strangulation of the muscles and tissues. The blood supply is greatly reduced and the metabolic waste products are pressed out (sponge is squeezed out). With the loosening fin belt also nutrient-rich liquid flows in and the remaining pollutants are removed (sponge sucks itself full). This process stimulates cell renewal and growth.

  • Subcutaneous irritation

Even if this term does not mean anything to you, you have already experienced this subcutaneous irritation several times in your life. When one pushes oneself, one unconsciously rubs immediately over this place. The pain is attenuated or superimposed by another new stimulus.

  • kinetic resolver

In flossing, adhesions and adhesions resulting from earlier injuries, overloading or incorrect posture are removed. The affected, deep tissue layers (muscle sheaths, muscles, tendons, cartilage) are made glideable again with the help of the application and the mobility is increased.

Which raft band is suitable for what?

The thickness and length of the fin depends on the treated area. In the following you will find the product details of the different variants:


  • 1,0mm thick , 1,5m long - light
  • Suitable for use on the upper extremities: Wrist, elbow and shoulder are lighter versions for people with weak connective tissue.


  • 1,5mm thick, 1,5 m long - medium
  • Suitable for use on the upper extremities: Wrist, elbow and shoulder are of medium strength and optimal for people with massive connective tissue.


  • 2,0mm thick, 1,5m long - strong
  • Used in areas with high shear forces, e.g. knees (patella tip).


  • 1,5mm thick, 2,5m long - medium
  • Used for the treatment of all large fasciae, e.g. lower leg, calf, thigh.


  • 1,3mm thick, 3,5m long - medium
  • Suitable for combination fin systems e.g. hip and ISG, thorax.


  • 1,3mm thick, 8,5m long - medium - extra long
  • Can be cut to the desired length as required or used as a regeneration band, e.g. whole leg.

Become an expert in the field of flossing

Have you been interested in flossing for some time and would you like to learn more about the method? Then why don't you read the Functional Training Magazine the articles of our experts through or contact you to our one-day Functional Flossing Seminar on.

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