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Flossing Bands
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How does the finning belt work?

How does the finning belt work?

When a joint is to be treated, the raft band is wrapped around the affected joint. The wrapping is started from the raft band at a point away from the body and then wrapped towards the body so that the blood does not push into the arm or leg. So in the language of medicine, wrap the raft band from distal to proximal. The wrapping can be done under relatively strong pull (about 50%), because the goal is to prevent the weaning in their return flow and partly the arteries in their inflow with the raft. The tissue around the joint is now expressed through the rabbit band, much like a sponge. This sponge effect does "squeeze old" and used fluids out of the tissue and make room for new nutrients. After a maximum of 3 minutes, the rabbit band is removed and the tissue is supplied with new and fresh blood and nutrients. Sometimes you can even watch the tissue soak up again.

While fin-belt is put on, easy maintenance is possible, however it?s better to move joint while doing. This allows muscles, fasciae and tendons to benefit better from the treatment. Similar to massage rolls, the fabric is slightly shifted by the pressure of the rabbet and the movement, which also produces similar effects. The loosening of adhesions and tensions is called Kinetic Resolve.

The pain in the joints or muscles is covered by alternative stimuli. This is also called subcutaneous irritation.

Where is Flossing used?

As mentioned earlier, the raft band is very popular with physiotherapists to treat joint ailments. It's not just reduced to injured people. There's a lot of research going on combining the raft band with maximum strength training or other training concepts. Since the rabbit belt pretends to be tired of the tissue due to insufficient blood flow, slight strain can already lead to growth. But it seems to be reduced to density growth.

Which raft tape do I need?

Whoever wants to buy a Medical Flossing Band should first think about for which joint and for which application they want to use it. The finstrap is available in different sizes and thicknesses. For larger joints, such as the knee joint, wider and stronger fin ligaments are always used than for smaller ones, such as the wrist. In our shop, the thicknesses range from 1.0mm to 2.0mm.

If you're considering treating yourself with the raft, we definitely recommend you take a look at the literature. The book "Flossing in Therapy and Training" will give you a great insight into the world of flossing. Because without prior knowledge, bad rafting treatment can break more than it can help.